Parental Care For Sick Babies – Some Helpful Advice

It is completely natural for all babies to face some kind of sickness or the other for the first 3 to 4 years. There is nothing to panic about this at all. It is pretty normal for babies to fall sick, but the only point to be noted here is constant parental care and attention. You should visit a good paediatrician regularly.

The general sicknesses which babies develop are generally flu, fever, and stomach pain and once in a while when the baby suffers from loose motion. Parental care for babies should start at home, and it’s not very difficult. Babies are susceptible to dust and pollution and for the initial years they tend to catch illnesses. But as parent, you must ensure that you give the right food to strengthen its immune system.

When afflicted with stuffed nose and cough, you can use a baby cough syrup and also, tweezers to pull the stuff that blocks the nose, but only when they are asleep, as it could create a lot of discomfort. A drop of honey on their tongue could help them build their immune system.

Since pillows are not recommended for babies below 2, you can keep folded towel under its head. It is generally advisable to give babies a warm bath. Applying some balm on the chest, and also on the back will be soothing. Especially, as you apply the balm on its back give it a gentle massage. This will improve the sleep.

When babies have stomach pain, you can apply castor oil on the stomach. It works extremely well, and you can see the instant effects of the cure.

If the baby has fever, you can give warm water to drink, but not ice cold. When babies are sick, it’s natural they will cry a lot. But singing lullabies really helps them calm down and it does have a healing effect. Singing to babies has been an ancient practice in India and neighbouring countries. As soon as the baby starts to cry if it’s sleepy, or feeling sick, the mother feeds it and starts singing a sweet song, and soon the baby feels relaxed and dozes off into a nice sleep.

It is very common for babies under 18 months to get sick. Reports show that the babies under this age get sick 3 times more compared to others. So it is very important for the parents to take care of their sick babies.